Real time UK Payments Processing

Gain equivalent access as a bank, but enhanced, via our award-winning payments platform. Instantly create accounts and leverage our direct connection to the Faster Payments service and Bacs, designed for utmost reliability and stability

Faster Payments

Enable the sending and receiving of payments in real-time, all day, every day.

Utilize our payments platform for sending and receiving real-time payments round the clock. As a direct participant of the Faster Payments service, we handle the regulatory and operational aspects of integrating into the payments schemes, allowing you to securely process payments efficiently. Our technology offers bank-level access to Faster Payments, supported by advanced next-generation technology that scales alongside your business growth.

Real-time payments plumbed into your software

Send and receive money in near real-time. Payments arrive in seconds, with 24/7 access and support.

Greater transparency with our payments engine

Get real-time updates on your payments and immediate confirmation through our payment engine when you send or receive money.

Direct access engineered for reliability

Our direct access to Faster Payments means less downtime and greater control over your transactions.

BACS Payments

Embrace the widely used payment service available.

Utilize our direct connection to the UK’s largest payment network to seamlessly receive Bacs payments. From salary disbursements to various business transactions, our direct participation in the Bacs scheme ensures a level of access akin to a bank. Supported by our robust automation technology, we offer reliability and user-friendly operation for your Bacs transactions, similar to what a bank provides.

Covering all payments

With Bacs payment acceptance, you can receive all types of commonly used UK payments from one consolidated account with direct access to the scheme.

Greater visibility

Get greater visibility over your finances and receive instant notifications from the Modulr platform once Bacs payments have arrived.

CHAPS Payments

Facilitate secure transactions of significant value.

Wireaccount accounts link to CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System), facilitating same-day high-value transactions for both incoming and outgoing payments. Ensuring that your money arrives in a single transaction is crucial, whether you’re sending or receiving a significant payment.

Forget value limits

CHAPS payment values are unlimited so you can receive and pay as much as you require.

Same day service

Receive your money on the same day it’s sent, with payments typically received in under 3 hours. *Subject to scheme opening times.

Covering all payments

With CHAPS acceptance, you can receive all types of commonly used UK payments from one consolidated account with direct access to the scheme.

Are you a customer?

My Wireaccount serves as your comprehensive hub for managing your wire-based products and services. It allows you to seamlessly handle your transactions and conveniently access online support.

Wireaccount APP

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