Create numerous accounts with no limits.

Generate limitless GBP and Euro accounts enabling immediate sending and receiving of funds within the UK and Europe.

Account Services

Unlock limitless possibilities by creating countless accounts.

Generate an endless array of e-money accounts instantly using Wireaccount. These accounts are equipped with UK sort codes and account numbers or IBANs for EU accounts, ensuring immediate readiness to receive funds.

Utilize these unlimited accounts to revolutionize reconciliation methods for our clients. Whether segregating by debtor (lending), by building (property services), by customer (alternative banks), or exploring various other innovative approaches, these accounts simplify operations significantly.​

Instant and unlimited accounts

Effortlessly initiate and oversee countless e-money accounts instantly, round the clock, using Wireaccount.

GBP and EUR accounts

Accept funds seamlessly throughout the UK and Europe using UK sort codes and account numbers, along with local IBANs dedicated to Euro accounts.

Fast reconciliation

Utilize accounts to separate funds, streamlining processing and reducing the need for manual reconciliation, leading to faster operations.

Are you a customer?

My Wireaccount serves as your comprehensive hub for managing your wire-based products and services. It allows you to seamlessly handle your transactions and conveniently access online support.

Wireaccount APP

Seamless solution for secure and efficient financial management on the go. Download the WireAccount app now to experience a user-friendly interface that puts control at your fingertips.