Business Account

A dedicated Corporate IBAN to receive & send and Manage funds. We can provide your company with a B2B or B2C Current Account for your daily transactions.

Business Account

Acquire your dedicated beneficiary IBAN effortlessly connected to numerous payment networks for seamless transactions.

Step into a world of tailored financial solutions designed to propel your business forward. Our business accounts aren’t just about managing funds—they’re the catalysts for your company’s growth and success. Seamlessly integrated with innovative tools and personalized support, our accounts are crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses, whether you’re a budding startup or an established enterprise. From streamlining transactions to optimizing cash flow, our accounts offer the flexibility and efficiency essential to navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.

At the core of our business banking ethos is a dedication to understanding the unique aspirations and challenges of your enterprise. We’re more than a financial institution; we’re your strategic partner in achieving your business objectives. Our accounts provide access to a suite of resources, empowering you with financial insights, scalable solutions, and a network of experts ready to offer guidance. Trust in a banking relationship that prioritizes your business’s financial well-being and growth, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—nurturing and expanding your entrepreneurial vision.

Payment Networks

You can transfer funds to others using SEPA, SEPA Instant, UK Fast Payments.

European IBAN and UK Account

Upon verified your account, you will get a beneficiary IBAN to send or receive funds.


We provide competitive Exchange rates from EUR to GBP.

Coming Soon

Debit Card

Manage your payments with a Virtual or Physical Multicurrency Card.

Coming Soon

Mobile APP

Our app will empower you to manage your personal or business funds anytime and anywhere.


We secure your money and personal data with the highest security requirements.

Client Funds Account

Received your client’s deposits fast and securely.

Coming Soon

Multiple Card Holder

Easily issue or remove a corporate card for your employees, affiliates, or partners.

Coming Soon

Bulk Payments

Fast bulk payment for your Payouts, Salaries, and Subscriptions with one click.

Business Account Features

Industries Applicable

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My Wireaccount serves as your comprehensive hub for managing your wire-based products and services. It allows you to seamlessly handle your transactions and conveniently access online support.

Wireaccount APP

Seamless solution for secure and efficient financial management on the go. Download the WireAccount app now to experience a user-friendly interface that puts control at your fingertips.