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A personal banking account tailored to your financial needs, providing convenient access to manage your funds, make transactions, save, and plan for the future with ease and security.

Arrive, excel in your career, and live the life that resonates with you.

Since our inception, Wireaccount has stood for fostering an environment where both individual growth and collective success thrive. For us, it’s about prioritizing flexibility and sustainability. We work where we’re most productive, maintain reasonable work hours, take breaks when necessary, and nurture an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere. These principles are the bedrock of our values, setting Instrument apart.

Career development is a priority here. We champion mentorship across all disciplines, aiming to empower every team member to reach their utmost potential and create the pinnacle of their professional journey.

A peek into the application process


After reviewing a candidate’s application, a recruiter reaches out to discuss next steps.


The candidate meets with a recruiter for a prescreening interview.


The candidate has two remote interviews with key decision-makers for the role they’re applying for.


An offer letter with a proposed start date is sent out via email.

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