Business Account Features

European IBAN

Upon verified your account, your company will get a beneficiary IBAN account to send or receive funds.

SEPA, Instant SEPA, UK Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS

You can transfer funds using SEPA, and the UK Payments Methods.

Industries Applicable

Lending, Accounting & Payroll, Fintech, Alternative Banking, Travel, Property Services, Merchant Services, Crypto, Trading & Investment and other.

Coming Soon: Visa Debit Card for your Business needs

Manage your payments with Virtual or Physical Visa Debit Card.

Mobile APP

Our app will empower you to manage your personal or business funds anytime and anywhere.

Clients Funds Account

Received your clients deposits fast and securely

Coming Soon: Multiple Cardholders

Easily issue or remove a corporate card for your employees, affiliates or partners.

Bulk Payments

Fast bulk payment for you Payouts, Salaries and Subscriptions  with one click.

Affordable Prices for every business.

For Business

  • Beneficiary European IBAN
  • Internal Transfers
  • SEPA, SEPA Instant and UK Payments
  • Currency Exchange
  • Bulk Payments

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