• Card

    You will only be able to make purchases with the card when there are sufficient funds on your prepaid card, and you will not be able to spend more than this amount.

    The prepaid card works just like any other bank debit card. If you wish to buy a product or service, you can use the card in-person, over the Internet or telephone.

  • How do I get help if I have questions about my card?

    If you have questions related to your card email the customer services team on

  • Does it have a credit limit?

    No, it’s not a credit card, and carries no credit limit. You cannot spend more money than is held on the card account.

  • What happens if I change my address?

    You must notify us immediately by email: and provide us an updated proof of residency (recent utility bill or bank statement).

  • Does my Wireaccount Card ever expire?

    Yes. Fees are listed in the Fees and Limits section on the Wireacount website.

  • I have received my Wireaccount Card, now what do I do?

    Using the Wireaccount Card is very simple. However, before you start you must do the following steps:

    1. Sign the signature strip on the reverse of the card
    2. Activate the Wireaccount Card – login to
    3. Go to My Account > Change Card Status
    4. Choose the Card ID which is linked with your card (Can be seen in Accounts Summary tab)
    5. Current Status > Issued, select New Status > Open (Active) and press Submit
    6. Memorise your PIN code



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